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STAX SR-009 ( in stock )
lowest price in Japan: YEN  309,800
Price to USA / Canada USD  2,835
Price to Europe EUR  2,632
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  3,643
Sony VPL-VW500ES
lowest price in Japan: YEN  604,800
Price to USA / Canada USD  5,689
Price to Europe EUR  5,301
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  7,305
Sony VPL-VW1100ES
lowest price in Japan: YEN  1,285,000
Price to USA / Canada USD  11,919
Price to Europe EUR  11,112
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  15,340
Sony NW-ZX2
lowest price in Japan: YEN  111,800
Price to USA / Canada USD  1,032
Price to Europe EUR  976
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  1,345
Accuphase E-470
lowest price in Japan: YEN  459,000
Price to USA / Canada USD  4,458
Price to Europe EUR  4,183
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  5,732
Fostex HP-A8 (switchable to 220-240v)
lowest price in Japan: YEN  68,634
Price to USA / Canada USD  717
Price to Europe EUR  690
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  936
lowest price in Japan: YEN  61,800
Price to USA / Canada USD  600
Price to Europe EUR  562
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  772
Accuphase DAC-40
lowest price in Japan: YEN  79,800
Price to USA / Canada USD  750
Price to Europe EUR  700
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  965
Victor/JVC BHL5010-S
lowest price in Japan: YEN  21,600
Price to USA / Canada USD  241
Price to Europe EUR  226
Price to Australia or NZ AUD  310